Monday, 27 April 2015

Fellsman 2015 - DNF

A big fat DNF - after taking a wrong line off Ingleborough which meant I had to go back up again, I was with another lad and we were battling our way up from the back of the field. But like others, I found the weather on the ridge between Gragareth and Great Coum too much, coming down into Dent all I had left were a couple of dry base layers, my coat and gloves were wet through and I couldn't feel my hands. I couldn't see myself lasting another 12 hours, especially if getting grouped at Fleet Moss as I was an hour behind, and having a 20 mile death march back to the end from there.

thanks for coming
I don't appear in any pictures as the photographer had packed up by the time I'd run past his spot!

I pulled out at Dent and got the body bus back, it was a hard decision to make but I'll live to fight another day.Looking at some of the people who I was around when I bailed, they finished in 20-24 hours - not my idea of a good day out!

Should have worn my heavier coat and put my waterproof longs on earlier, as the rain did eventually stop. I won't make those mistakes again!

Huge thanks to the organisers for laying on the bus, just one example of the behind the scenes work and hidden costs of an event like this. I'll be back for more next year! Well done to everyone who made it to the start line and to those who stuck it out to the end.

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