Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Herod Farm - a race in pictures

This was my 5th time running this race, I managed to run 2 minutes quicker than last year and 7 minutes faster than 2 years ago. They say there's a 3 year learning curve in fell running; perhaps this is proof!

Some of the pictures in this blog post come from Mossie Net Photography and a contribution was made for their reproduction. If you would like to contribute:

You can text donations:   Text NETS57 £1 to 70070 (The amounts you can text are: £1 £2 £3 £4 £5 or £10). Donations can also be made on their Just Giving page:

the race
UP (and my best David Moyes impression)

up and along

DOWN (no picture)

UP again



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