Sunday, 17 May 2015

8 days in May

With a concentration of races not seen for myself since 2011, early May threw up some events that were too good to miss.

Sun 10 May: Great Manchester 10k - 39:06
the aim of the game here was to break the 40 minute barrier, a time that had been eluding and annoying me for a couple of years. I can't say I enjoy runs like this, I acknowledge the skill required to run well on the flat but give me some hills, variation and route choice any day! Managed to get my head down and meet the required time. I was not completely wasted by the end of the race, it seems funny to say, but I couldn't have run any quicker - I think I've found my natural limit, or at least the limit I could get to without hours of mindless running on the flat. Hats off to those that can go quicker.

Wed 12 May: Shining Tor fell race - 6.18 miles ~1,400'
Never the same route twice for this one apparently but a good jaunt anyway. I was chatting to a mate for the first couple of miles before kicking into a decent trot - the strava flyby makes for interesting viewing and you can see me pulling up through the field! Managed 46 / 128 so happy with that; I might have made a few more places by racing all the way, but enjoying myself and talking to a mate got in the way! Called in on the way home to pick up some fish and chips for me and mrs TOR.

Thu 13 May: PFR Man vs Bike - 5.9 miles ~1,500'

The prospect of doing essentially the same race 2 days on the trot made me think I might either injure myself or have a poor run, but in the end it was a great night, just a bit chillier this evening. Anyway, onto the event:
Man gets 5 minute head start. Bikers weren't happy that Edale Road had been resurfaced with un-cyclable pebbles, with the result that I didn't see any bikes catching us up on the way round. It's normally a good tussle, even if results tend to be dominated by runners, so it was a shame things panned out that way. Managed 3rd overall which I was happy with - trust me to place in the only race where there's no prizes!

Sat 16 May: Mount Famine fell race - 5.1 miles ~1,800'
Short (ish) and sharp (very). Not sure how I managed to do Bollington Three Peaks after this one 4 years ago! Managed to get 31/115 so very happy with that. Had a couple of good battles on the way round. The comparison with my results from 2011 shows how steep a learning curve it's been. A great race.

Sun 17 May: Lantern Pike Dash fell race - 1.2 miles ~630'

There is something quite intimidating about Lantern Pike when you're stood at the foot of it! This would be the first time I'd attacked my favourite hill this way, on the back of 4 races it promised to be pretty painful...


  1. Champion effort - and you look like a champion bloke too well done and keep up!

  2. Come on Barney,two years without a post! 🙄