Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Herod Farm fell race 2013 - 3m 1099’

The first local midweek race of the season, this race can easily catch the unsuspecting fellrunner off guard . The only similar race prior to Herod Farm is the Lamb’s Longer Leg which is run back in the mists of January, so this is a short sharp re-introduction to the business end of racing.
Up, down, up and finally down again, this race is over before you know it, but you really know about it whilst you’re doing it!
Conditions were dry this year – in 2012 the final climb up Whitely Nab was more like a bad war film as we took one step forward and two steps back through the mud – so this time round we were able to make decent progress to the top ready for the final leg and lung busting run to the finish.

1m 20 seconds slower this year. I blame the Downfall 3 days prior, mrs t.o.r. says I’m getting old.

I took a couple of mates round this one as their first fell race and they absolutely loved it. One of them even had the cheek to finish in front of me.

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  1. It was good to get back to the midweek races. I agree, the Downfall probably did take a bit out of our times.
    Your friend should know his place. ;-)