Saturday, 4 May 2013

May Madness 2013

Race 1: Chunal - 3.25m 1189’ - painful

Race 2: Moorfield 5k - ok. 5k PB on a very hilly course for a road race

Race 3: James’s Thorn - 4.78m 1459’ - painful

Whoever would have thought that running on 3 consecutive days would be so painful? I suppose I should say I was racing, not running, but after my pathetic showing at Chunal that would have been pushing the truth a bit. Luckily these races were all within 15 minutes of my house and all short enough that I could run then during optimistic junior v1 and v2's morning sleep, and be back, showered and fed by the time they woke up again.

I ran James' Thorn as a race for the first time, it's nice and runnable and a reminder of how good the hills are around Glossop.
standings after 2 races
me and Nick Ham

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