Sunday, 14 April 2013

Kinder Downfall 2013 - 9m 2000’

Windy. That probably sums this race up. Nice but windy. Rain was a constant threat and occasional companion but light enough to ensure the coat stayed in the bag. 

We gathered on the bridge in Hayfield for the customary race briefing and random equipment checks, and on the stroke of 11 we were off.

I felt like I made decent time up to the top of William Clough, tucking in behind another Pennine runner until we got to Mill Hill and the WIND.
Too strong to actually be able to move against it, at one point I was wondering if I would have to start crawling to actually make any forward progress.
The Downfall was in full blow-back mode, my first time to experience the showering that results as you run across the mouth of the river with the waterfall blowing back from the plateau edge.

3 minutes slower than last year but a good run all in all.

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