Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cracken Edge fell race 7m/1450'

I'd done all of this route in separate parts during club training runs and solo jaunts so was pretty familiar with the terrain. at 7 miles this is getting on a bit for a midweek race and the climbing involved meant we were going to be in for a cracker.

despite a couple of showers before the race the weather cleared up to give great views of the hillside above us and back over Hayfield to Kinder as we made our way to the start line.

the first few miles are all uphill but deceptively gentle enough that you end up running them, until coming out on Over Hill Road before the long pull up to New Allotments.

this climb always gets me and i tucked in between a Glossopdale vest and a KMRT runner for a brisk walk up to the top, ready for the section of flat trail to take us gradually downhill to meet the road again and turn back up past Chinley Churn and Cracken Edge.

this race was one of those where i was glad i'd been optimistic and just worn my vest as it was hot work all the way through and my head had a bit of a wobble as we crossed the stile that takes you onto the churn past all the old mine workings.

at this point the lads in front of me started to walk and i made the same mistake; if i'd been on my own or not behind those two i might have gone a bit quicker on this section.

this race is a real tough one, there's no hiding from it as the uphills are runnable for the main part, as are the flats and the last 2 miles or so are all downhill so it's a real intense race.

pretty happy with my run overall, should come back faster next year but a good trot out nonetheless.

my time of 1h07 for a 7 mile fell race says it all really - the most fun you can have (legally) for £4 on a Wednesday night!

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