Thursday, 1 September 2011

Reeth Show 2.5m 800’

This was my first BOFRA event, the premise of which was to determine who could get to the top of the hill overlooking the showground and back again the quickest.

Great Fremington Edge had been looming over us all morning as we’d made our way round the show, inspecting bales of hay, sheep and Stripey Jelly, and at the appointed time we were under starters orders and heading up to the skyline.

It was a fair pull up to the top, but thinking of the forthcoming pie and pint for my evening meal, I dug in and finally made it up after the false summit 50 metres from the top. 

From here on in it was downhill all the way, I struggled to find a decent route through the bracken at one point but got my head down to make it back to the fairground and enjoy my first ever top half finish in a fell race! After finishing 3rd from last at Lamb’s Longer Leg at the start of the year, it was a good moment.

We were at Reeth Show as part of a few days in Hawes, so I took advantage of the time to get out early one morning and run partway up Dodd Fell, which was a good run but a bit bleak on the day. I’ll be back one day to complete the horseshoe and run round to Wether Fell along the roman road.

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