Thursday, 25 August 2011

Chunal 4m 950’

Another midweek race, I’ve had to miss a few this year but there’s plenty of time to do the rest in the future. Organised by Des Gibbons who seems to organise quite a few events round here, this race takes in parts of the Herod Farm race (the hard parts), and then adds some more hard parts just in case you hadn’t been trying hard enough. 

On paper this was an utterly futile exercise – running up a hill, down it, round the bottom, up it again then back to the finish – but that’s fell running for you!

It was a cracking race and a great chance to get some climb in the legs.  Didn’t set the world on fire with my time but I’d run 9 miles home from work on the Monday so no surprises there. Next summer I might have a proper go at the midweek races, of which there is almost one a week within a 5 mile radius of New Mills during summer time – we really are blessed with this.

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