Sunday, 13 March 2011

bramhall parkrun 5k

as mrs theoptimistic runner had a long 20-mile run this weekend in preparation for the London Marathon, i took the chance to do an event that she usually takes part in - the Bramhall parkrun. the parkruns are free organised races that take place all over the country every saturday morning. there is also one in Woodbank Park but for some reason we've always run this one. this is the busier of the two events, with over 385 people taking part this week.

i was a bit short of time this weekend so i thought it would be a good chance to give it some welly over a shorter distance and see what happened.

with such a large field in a small park the start gets very congested and mrs theoptimisticrunner has found that starting near the back just ends up being annoying as you can't get going properly for the first five minutes. so without wanting to look too much of a nob i positioned myself about halfway through the pack ready for starter's orders.

conditions were great and there must be something in the air at Optimistic Towers as i was the second member of our household to get a PB here in a week with an average min/mile of 7m34 - i felt it afterwards though!!

after a bacon and egg buttie back at home it was no rest for the wicked however, as I had to start clearing the cellar ready for the big move to New Mills in ten days time - not sure if we'll be ready or not but it will be fun!!

a quick visit to the nice man at road and fell in Stockport in the afternoon followed by a trip to the allotment rounded off the afternoon. not sure when my next race will be but there will be some good runs in New Mills to report on in the near future....

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