Sunday, 15 March 2015

Lad's Leap fell race - 5.8 miles, ~1,600'

All pictures courtesy of Nick Ham

A short(ish) sharp race from Crowden - heading west with a steep uphill pull, flattening out over the tops then dropping down into a quarry with a long, just-about-runnable, run up to Lad's Leap, over the moors and back down again.

Mark Fermer tipped me off to keep something in the bank for that second climb up out of the quarry. I remember thinking I was going well, then realising we were only halfway and had I overdone it?

This was a proper fell race, the run over the tops is great and typical of the fells around Glossop - peaty, boggy and rough. I had a few good battles, one bloke blew past me on the homeward leg over the top, but I caught him on the descent as he was picking his way down the slope. My descending legs remembered to turn up for this one. Around 65 minutes so not an amazing time but I had a good run none the less. We are very lucky to have runs like this on our doorstep round here.

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