Sunday, 23 March 2014

Edale Skyline ~24miles ~4,000'

Second time lucky on this one after DNF’ing 2 years ago… someone had given me some hypotonic energy gels which I was planning on using....

After a great run over Win Hill and down to the road near Hope, I took my first gel ready for the climb up to Lose Hill ridge, and waited for it to kick in. Suffice to say it never kicked in (neither did the second one) and this, coupled with the undulating, exposed ridge meant I started to struggle. I got to Mam Nick with 11 of the ~24 miles done, and about 3,000’ in the bag but, as anyone will tell you, this race gets started properly after Mam Nick!

Route profile (courtesy

I plodded my way over Brown Knoll and was really struggling, so I was more than happy to hear Steve Grace coming up behind me with his trusty bag of trail mix. Some of this real food soon kick started my metabolism and I was soon going again. 

It might be the toughest bit but the second part really is my favourite half of this race – around the Woolpacks where you dink onto the Kinder plateau it really is like being on another planet (or at least not like being in Derbyshire). The run in from there is deceptively far but we got each other round, boulder and stream hopping as we made our way back down Ringing Roger to finish in 4h44. 

Not the best of finish times but great training and the last of my long runs in preparation for the Fellsman.

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