Sunday, 13 October 2013

Windgather fell race 13.5miles ~2,500’

The first taste of winter? Weak showers and a mild breeze played with our thoughts of kit selection as we lined up at the start.

At just over 13 miles and around 2,500’ of ascent – but on trail & fell terrain – this race would be a reasonably accurate barometer of my overall fitness in preparation for Snowdonia.

It was all pretty runnable and navigation was easy apart from one bit where instinct should have kicked in – but I gave in and followed someone else. This only continued for a few yards as a spectator saw us back on the correct route.

I was glad of the Snickers bar (remember they used to be called Marathon?) I’d brought with me; I had half on the climb out of the reservoir valley bottom and the second half on the top just after Windgather rocks. This shows the logic of running your own race; some runners overtook me as I slowed down to eat the second half of my Snickers, but then I finished it off and soon overtook them, never to be seen again. Know the route and know what you’re looking to achieve – unless you’re just out for a fun run, in which case just enjoy it. Personally I’ve been disappointed too many times in races that have fallen in the middle of a training schedule and I’ve been too tired to compete. Don’t get distracted by the detail if you’ve got your eyes on something bigger.

I think I finished around 2h25, not a brilliant time but something to take to Snowdonia in a couple of weeks time and a nice reminder of the beauty of the Peak District in which we live.

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