Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Boar's Head fell race 7m ~1200'

Good luck in finding a map for this one. With the route a (seemingly) closely guarded secret, I was full of anticipation as we made our way to the start in the Pennine Minibus.

The main choice is – do you take the direct line up the tussocks to Bow Stones, or up and along the wall? Try it for yourself and find out! The tussocks provided a nice break from all-out running though as I made that choice this year. The run along the ridge was followed by an eyeful of blazing sun just above the line of the wall, combined with stinging sweat. Just what you want when plunging downhill at a rate of knots.
The recent circuit training paid off, I found that when my legs got tired on the final stretch, my other muscles kicked in and gave me a final spurt. The finish is a downhill sprint which is always a good way to finish a race. Apart from the fact I thought I was through the funnel and someone quite unsportingly pushed past me at the line!

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