Sunday, 2 September 2012

Shelf Moor 2012 5.9 ~1500'

you know it's going to be a good run when on the way there you look up at the hills covered in cloud and wonder 'is this a good idea?'. today was a really foggy one and made for classic conditions. it was a good job this was only a 6 mile horseshoe otherwise the navigation cock up potential would have been pretty high.

well it it turns out I still had a lot of Hadrian's Wall in my legs for this race. despite having run/walked 8 miles of the Lantern Pike & Mellor Moor Footpath Challenge, and the usual 5 miles daily dog walk and commuting, my legs still hadn't got fully back to normal.

the signs were there early in the race and despite the conditions i was overdressed in a Helly base layer with vest on top, and i'd opted for a small pack to carry the required windproof body cover (my kit isn't so lightweight).

to cut a long story short when most of the field have overtaken you by 20 minutes into the race it's never going to be a day for setting records.

I'd decided to call this one a draw once i'd got past Yellowslacks so decided to take it easy on the way down and take in the view - picture above!!

this will be good to come back and do next year - and Glossop isn't getting any easier despite all the practice!!

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