Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Downfall

10 mile fell race with about 2,000' of climb up kinder scout? no problem.

walk in the park with the dog? =

spot the difference

thinking i was clever after my little run in the morning, whilst out with the Optimistic clan i spotted a skate ramp in the park and ran up it. unfortunately it had been raining that day so coming down the ramp my right foot got caught under itself, with the result being mrstheoptimisticrunner in stitches at my predicament, and my right foot in plaster =

looks like a 6-8 week layoff, suspected chipped bone in my ankle but we will see. Max is now in the hands of mrs t.o.r. who is less than happy at the prospect of picking up dog poo for the next two months


  1. bad luck OR, that's such a cruel twist after your great run on the downfall.

  2. Blimey - sorry to hear that mate. Heal well and quickly.