Saturday, 30 April 2011

the Royal Wedding Day 5k

we are always game for a laugh here at Optimistic Towers, so when a chance perusal of the Kiwi Classic Events website showed this race, mrs theoptimistic runner thought there could be no better way to spend a day off work than running round Woodbank Park in Stockport.

whilst we do have access to childminders, we thought it would make things a bit more interesting if we did the race (which involved being handcuffed together via cable ties) whilst pushing optimistic junior round the park in his super duper off-road buggy.

i also thought i might as well go the whole hog and wear half my penguin suit - which turned out to be very hot!

i understand that the race followed the woodbank parkrun route which involved a couple of hills and tree roots! luckily the buggy was up to the task - though the driver struggled with the hill second time round! we were finished by 10:30 in time to collect a pair of commemorative champagne flutes and make our way back to new mills to enjoy the rest of the day off and walk the dog along the canal to the Navigation Inn at Buxworth.


  1. Nice action TOR. I was thinking of doing my village fun run later in the year with double buggy. Only a small amount of off road.

  2. sounds good - make sure you do a road test first!

  3. Looks great blog TOR. Have you considered joining Goyt Valley Striders as you live in New Mills?

  4. hi will. not sure if i'm up to club standard just yet but the striders seem like a friendly club! i'll get a few more races under my belt and maybe look into it.thanks